The Wong San's Group was established in 1994 with a single pub, and has since become a household name throughout Singapore as one of the premier F&B groups in the city.  Wong San's Group pioneered many concepts including the eponymous Wong San’s Pub, the award winning Thumper Bar, the epoch making Amoeba, and the daring Siam Supperclub. 

In 2006, the Wong San’s Group moved out of the bar business and into a pure restaurant group.

Today, Wong San’s Group manages operations of 4 successful restaurant brands; Viet Cafe Restaurant, a mid priced full service family restaurant, Waraku Japanese Casual Dining,a mid priced Japanese family restaurant, La Viva Spanish Tapas & Bar, a mid to high end lifestyle restaurant and bar concept, and Pasta De Waraku, a low to mid end quick service restaurant.

The Wong San’s Group and its professionals are always seeking to develop winning formulas for happy customers and stakeholders.

Established since 1994


a typical scene at the original Wong San’s Pub, circa 1996